Thursday, 11 July 2013

Kinds of Faults in Mobile Phones

There are Main Kinds of Faults in Mobile Phone which we can see generally.

Mobile phone is an Electronic Device and also it has been included a Software. Because of that this electronic device have lot of electronic parts ( IC, Capacitor, Resistor, Diode, Coil , Relay, Transistor,... etc) and settings for main software not only that but also these electronic parts or Software Settings can be damaged or changed.
Therefore your mobile phone may be damaged. A typical mobile phone has two main kinds of faults as Hardware and Software faults. But some software faults are comes with settings so we can divide that faults as following main parts.

  1. Hardware: When Damage any Hardware parts ( Electronic parts or PCB )
  2. Software: When Damage Software which is in mobile phone.
  3. Settings : When change mobile phone settings as unconditional
Hardware Faults
These faults are related to PCB , Batteries and any other electronics parts fault. There are example for understanding about what are the hardware faults.

No Signal
Battery Empty
Dead set condition
Auto Restart
No Charging
No Display or Display lights
keypad faults
Display other problems
Insert Sim Card
Low signal
No Network Access
Call Drop
Phone off when make a call
Voice fautls
Ringer fautls
Earpiece faults
Mic faults
Auto turn off
Vibrator faults
............ Etc..

Software Faults
These faults are related to Software which is in mobile phone.Every mobile phone has a OS. When it is damaged you must flash or format your phone. There are example for understanding what are the software faults.

Dead set
Not Charging
Test Mode
Contact Service
No Signal
Auto Restart
Some Applications not work
When you send SMS or MMS phone will restart
Camera Not work
Booting Problems
Sim not valid or Insert correct sim

Setting Faults
These faults are related with mobile phone settings. If you changed your phone settings as unconditional and also virus can change that settings as harmfull then following faults can be seen in your mobile phone.

Call Divert
No network
Only incoming call
Auto Restart
Battery empty
Stuck your phone
Phone is slow
When make a call phone will restart or off
Sim Lock
Unable to send SMS
Some Application not work properly
Security Code problems
Black list problems

When you try to repair damage phone firstly you want to know what is the damage and how can repair it. when you read this blog you can identify mobile phone faults and how you can solve it. This is the first step for it " Understanding What are the kinds of Faults in Mobile Phones.

Try to be a good Mobile phone reapiring technician. Good Luck to you.


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