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Cellphone Repair Tools and Test Equipments

Cellphone Repair Tools and Test Equipments

when you are doing mobile phone repairing you have to get neccessary tools for that. here are many different variety and Cellphone Repair Tools. you can get these tools from your base town or some electronics shop. Not only that but also A lot companies offers online purchasing for such certain tools for beginning into business. You can choose which is which for such certain product.

Basically these are the primary tools for you have to buy.

* Multi-Tester - To measure Voltages, Currents and Resistance in electronic components.

* Screwdrivers - To loosen the phones screws.

* Tweezers - To hold and pick small cellphone component parts.

* Soldering iron - To solder / resolder electronic parts.

* Soldering lead - To bonds Electronic components.

* Soldering Flux and Paste -To tightened soldering quality.

* BGA Rework station - Applied Heat to soldering, remove and replaced parts and IC chips.

* Re balling Kits - Tools for reballing IC bumps, this composed of Stencil plates, Ball Leads and Spatula

* DC Regulated Power Supply- Used to substitute battery voltage when working on hardaware troubleshooting.

* Flashing and Unlocking Device- it is Software Tools that used to unlock and flash mobile phone programmable circuits.

* Cables and Wires - Used as an Interface from PC to cellphones when working on like flashing, unlocking and jailbreaking

Soldering and Desoldering Tools.

*Soldering Iron
A soldering iron is a hand tool most commonly used in soldering. It supplies heat to melt the solder so that it can flow into the joint between two workpieces.

A soldering iron is composed of a heated metal tip and an insulated handle. Heating is often achieved electrically, by passing an electrical current (supplied through an electrical cord or battery cables) through the resistive material of a heating element. Another heating method includes combustion of a suitable gas, which can either be delivered through a tank mounted on the iron (flameless), or through an external flame

*Soldering Leads
Soldering leads are used for joining or bonding two electronics components.

*soldering paste and flux
A Flux is a chemical for cleaning and dissolving the oxide skin off the metal.

*Soldering Wick
A Solder wicks are use for removing solder for any solder joint and typically oxygen free copper, which has been treated with a rosin solder flux.

*SMD Rework station manually and IRDA
Surface Mounted Divice (SMD) Rework stations are used to replace, re-balling Ball Grid Array(BGA) and remove chips or SMD components.

Measuring Tools

*Multimeter Analog and Digital
Multimeter is a tool for measuring value of Resistance(ohm) ,current flow (Amperes AC, DC),Volatage(AC ,DC) and more other measurments.Specially we want to use this tools for recognizing sort or open circuit in your phone board.

*DC Power supply Analog or Digital
DC Power Supply is a electronic machine for us as a mobile phone battery not only that but also we can check PCB( how many amperes take the PCB when standby mode, dead mode, call mode or off mode) using this machine.

Cleaning PCB board or other equipments

*Small paint brush
When we want to clean PCB we must to do eliminate and wipe dust on PCB therfore we can use brush and sponge for it.Don't use brushes which have made electrostatic.


*Anti static liquid or thiner
When we clean the PCB we want to remove oxide, dust and unnecessary parts on PCB. Specially at this time we can use anti static liquid for this. But a lacquer thinner is a substitute to anti static cleaner and commonly and widely used by many technician's.

*Ultrasonic Cleaner(PCB cleaner)
If you cant clean your PCB manuallly there is a machine for it.Ultrasonic Cleaner- A machine that cleans by using a fluid that is vibrated at 20,000 cycles per second. When the vibration speed rises above the ultrasonic frequency level, bubbles explode and generate strong power, cleaning the surfaces and cavities of hard-to-clean objects.

Reballing Kit
If any BGA has weak or broken balls we want to Reball it.There are Reballing kits we can use.The process is that they just remove the entire solder balls and flattened out the entire bump terminal then replace the chips again.

*BGA Solder Balls
We can use BGA Solder Balls for broken or weak balls of the chip.

*Reballing Stencils
Using this Stencil we can get properly align the solder ball on every bumps of the chips.

We can use Spayula to gathered the solder ball on each holes of the Stencil plates.

check this all equipments and firstly you must training how these tools use and what are the important things. Good Luck and try to be a good technician.


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