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Tablets Hardware And Software Repairing

We are the leading mobile phone repair centre in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. We repair and unlock 99% of mobile phones & Other IT Products in the market.
Our experienced staff and technician have been repaired over thousands of phones and have experience of over 12 years in the Mobile Phone & IT field. Most of the phones & IT Products  brought to us are fixed within 24 hours. In most cases you can stay while we repair your phone.
If you are not in Ras Al Khaimah or cannot come to us you can courier the phone Or Other IT Product to us, contact us for more details.


In our technologically advanced world, the idea of portable information and data at our finger tips is not only intriguing; it has become almost become necessary for certain customers. While technology giants have continued to work swiftly to get their customers the most reliable device for on-the-go information, the tablet is one such device that has taken the market by storm. With an array of manufacturers from Apple to Samsung to Google, the tablet is a device that can help you stay connected to both business and personal contacts easier, can help you prepare a presentation while on the go, or can provide you with a platform to share photos and videos with your family and friends. While this device is a non-stop entertainment factor in many people’s lives, it also has its share of issues, which is why it is always handy to keep a close eye on a reliable company that offers tablet repair services.

Tablets Stuck at the Loading or Boot logo or Apple logo
Tablets stuck at Apple Logo.
Tablets at Emergency Screen or iTunes Logo and USB or activation screen.
Jailbreaking or jailbreak Tablets
Add cellular Data Network option to edit Cellular Data Setting, Visual Voicemail and MMS.
Internet Tethering and VPN. 
Upgrading or Downgrading 
Unlocking any Tablet
Adding applications, software and games (over 175 Apps)
Adding songs, ringtones and videos
Transferring contacts from Nokia/Blackberry/iPhone/Samsung to Tablets.
Data Backup.
Network Problems (No Service and No Sim)
Arabic Language and Keyboard.
Software Flashing
No service or phone switched off
Software Hanging
Software problems like Hanging or few applications not working.
All kinds of Software issues.
Software Upgrades
Software Issues
RE-Installing Software
Baseband Corrupt
Dead Boot
Jtag Solutions
Adding Applications
Providing NCR Code
Corrupt Software
Fixing Low Memory Issues
Upgrading to Latest Software
Rooting your Device
Initial Failure problem - Hang, frozen and restart
Stuck at Boot Logo / Stuck At Samsung
Software not responsive
No Power
Stop data services 3G
Upgrade to Latest ROM
Adding languages like : English, Russian, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Etc.
Adding Partition to the phone.
All Android Problems
Unbrick phone
Call Barred
Entering Download mode
Factory Resetting.
Remove Google account
Remove Forgot Lock Pattern


Removing Stuck Sim Card, Repairing Sim Ejecting part.
Repairing iPhone and parts.
WiFi and Bluetooth Problems/ Repair
Mic, Speaker. Ear Phone replacement.
Motherboard Issues
Replacements of Parts
Fixing most problems
Customization of Phones
Replacing battery
Network Problems (No Service and No Sim)
Not recognizing Sim card
Screen repair/ replacement.
Glass Replacement
Dead Touch Repair
Repairing Board.
Replacing Board.
Replacing Body and Rim/ Bezel.
Fixing Tablets with water damage or Liquid damage.
Bricked Tablet
No Power or Dead
Camera Issues
Removing Camera for security purposes (Corporations)
Fixing/ replacing the buttons (Home, volume and silent buttons)
USB Not recognized problem
Tablet Not charging.
Not listed, Bring your Tablet and we will diagnose all the faults.
ANY OTHER PROBLEM, You name it we can do it.

We repair most tablets while you wait or maximum in 1 day. Contact us on 052-7036447 

Contact us for Pickup and drop-off service.
We Repair All Apple Products like iPod, iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 Retina Display
These are some of the most common iPad tablet repairs:
iPad Broken Glass Repair
iPad Broken LCD Repair
iPad Home Button Repair
iPad Battery Repair
iPad USB Port Repair
iPad Back Cover Replacement
iPad Speaker Repair
iPad Audio Jack Repair
iPad Glass & LCD Screen Repair
iPad Water Damage Repair
iPad Motherboard Repair
iPad Back Housing Replacement
These are some common Android tablet repairs:
Android tablet Firmware updates
Android tablet Tablet
Android tablet USB Jack Repair
Android tablet WiFi Drop-Outs
Android tablet RAM Memory Testing
Android tablet Battery replacement
Android tablet Screen Constantly Freezing
Android tablet Speaker Replacement
Android tablet Headphone Repair
Android tablet Zero Or Low Sound
Android tablet Cracked/Broken Digitizer
These are the most common BlackBerry tablet repairs:
BlackBerry tablet Firmware updates
BlackBerry tablet USB Jack Repair
BlackBerry tablet Low WiFi Signal
BlackBerry tablet RAM Upgrade
BlackBerry tablet Battery Replacement
BlackBerry tablet Constantly Freezing
BlackBerry tablet Speaker Replacement
BlackBerry tablet Headphone Repair
BlackBerry tablet Zero Or Low Sound
BlackBerry tablet Cracked/Broken Digitizer
These are some of the most common HTC tablet repairs we find:
HTC tablet battery
HTC tablet home button
HTC tablet unlocking
HTC tablet audio jack repairs
HTC tablet Digitizer Repairs
HTC tablet Low antenna signal
HTC tablet cracked LCD
HTC tablet Slow Touchscreen
HTC tablet speaker repair
HTC tablet Screen replacement
HTC tablet ribbon cable
HTC tablet firmware upgrades
These are some of the most common Sony tablet repairs we encounter:
Sony tablet Digitizer replacement
Sony tablet Headphone Jack Repair
Sony tablet cracked screen
Sony tablet LCD Repair
Sony tablet Battery Cover
Sony tablet Low 3G Signal
Sony tablet Sticking Touchscreen
Sony tablet Genuine Parts
Sony tablet Cracked Digitizer
Sony tablet Volume Button Replacement
Sony tablet Total Case Re-Fitment
These are some of the most common Nextbook tablet issues we encounter:
Nextbook tablet LCD repair
Nextbook tablet Replacement Parts
Nextbook tablet Cracked Screen
Nextbook tablet broken Case
Nextbook tablet Spares
Nextbook tablet WiFi card
Nextbook tablet Replacement Housing
Nextbook tablet Freezes On Boot
Nextbook tablet power jack Repair
Nextbook tablet Microphone Replacement
Nextbook tablet Battery replacement
Nextbook tablet Android upgrades
Nextbook tablet Parts
We repair most tablets while you wait or maximum in 1 day. Contact us on 052-7036447 

Contact us for Pickup and drop-off service.


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