Thursday, 11 July 2013

Introduction about Mobile Phone IC's( Integrated Circuits )

Integrated Circuits

There are Complete notes about Main IC's in mobile phones and How can you identify its. Not only that but also you can get a real idea about mobile phone damages or faults which are comes with IC. Specially there are three main type IC s in mobile phone. These are

  1. Pin IC
  2. Path IC
  3. MBGA ( Micro Ball Grid Array )
Pin IC
Integrated Circuits are complex circuits which have been etched onto tiny chips of semiconductor. When we think about Pin IC, The chip is packaged in a plastic holder with pins which will fit the holes on stripboard and breadboards. Very fine wires inside the package link the chip to the pins.

How Can we numbering the Pins in IC
These pins are which is in Pin IC have been numbered for finding more 100% correctly details about its circuitit. Number 1 is which we can see when we checking anti-clockwise around the IC (chip) starting near the notch or dot.

You can mount and unmount or replace these IC s using SMD rework station. However when you replace like this IC you must mount all pin to the PCB and do not short circuit.Specially Latest mobile phones have not like this IC s. But when you training to mount and unmount these Ic s then you will be able to replace chinease phone display , Switches ... etc.

Path IC
When you check your mobile phone PCB , you will be unable to find these ICs quickly .But when you unmount these ICs you can easily identify thats. following images will be helpfull for undersanding about its ecternal appearance.

Majority ,Power Amp and Antenna Switch are come as this type of IC.However you can mount and unmount easily using SMD Rework station. But unfortunately we can see only two or three ICs on common mobile phones.

MBGA( Micro Ball Grud Array)The BGA is descended from the pin grid array (PGA), which is a package with one face covered (or partly covered) with pins in a grid pattern. These pins conduct electrical signals from the integrated circuit to the printed circuit board (PCB) on which it is placed. In a BGA, the pins are replaced by balls of solder stuck to the bottom of the package.

These solder spheres can be placed manually or with automated equipment. The solder spheres are held in place with a tacky flux until soldering occurs.The device is placed on a PCB with copper pads in a pattern that matches the solder balls. The assembly is then heated, either in a reflow oven or by an infrared heater, causing the solder balls to melt. Surface tension causes the molten solder to hold the package in alignment with the circuit board, at the correct separation distance, while the solder cools and solidifies.(wikipedia)

You can use Infared , Laser or manual SMD rework station for removing or mounting for BGA. When you have remove BGA IC firstly you want Clean PCB surface and Reballing IC and pcb surface.

After Reballing you can see IC and PCB as following

Finally you can mount new or reballed IC using Laser, Infared or manual SMD Rework stations.

Specially Before you Remove your BGA IC firstly try to solve damage soldering or heating. then you can remove that damage IC and try to replace new one. When you replace that IC some times your phone will be short circuit , if it is short circuit never try to Switch on and try to Soldering otherwise replace again it. However you want get a good experience for doing that therefore you can practice with dead or damage phones. 

his note will help you to understand about Main IC type in mobile phones and about its important. Whatever Try to be a Good Technician. Good Luck 2 U.


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