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Nokia BB5: What it Means and How to Unlock it

Nokia BB5: What it Means and How to Unlock it

Unlocking Nokia BB5 cell phones is definitely possible and I will tell you exactly how to do it and what to avoid. The only known method that works every time is to unlock it by operator code. But this method only works as long as you didn’t try to enter any unlock code 3 times unsuccessfully. If you did that, then your Nokia blocks entirely. Nokia calls this a “Counter Block”. If it happens, a BB5 phone can only be unlocked with a cable and special software.

Do NOT buy Nokia codes calculator software on eBay if you have a BB5 model because those programs can only unlock some of the old Nokia phones. 

Before I show you how BB5 unlocking is done, here is some important information you should know about Nokia BB5.

What is Nokia BB5?

BB5 stands for Baseband (5th generation) and is the latest technology platform developed by Nokia on which they build all new cell phone models. Many of these models are sold in Europe and are very much in demand in the US because they look awesome, have superbly advanced technology, and because only few people have it in the US. So why not buy a cheap Nokia BB5 locked to some European provider, and then unlock it to use it in the US or with any network provider of your choice!

Can it be unlocked? Yes or no?

Of course it can be unlocked and there is ONLY one method that works every time. This method is called “unlock by IMEI”, which simply means that you enter an unlock code into your Nokia phone. This code is network provider specific. For example, if you are locked to Vodafone, T-Mobile, or to Orange, then only a code from that network provider will work guaranteed.

Where do you get the code?

There are two ways. You can either call your network provider and they will sell you the code or you can buy the code from very few unlock professionals in the market. 

How much does it cost?

BB5 codes are expensive, regardless of whether you call your network provider or buy them in the open market. Most of the time, unlock professionals are cheaper because they don’t lose any money when you run off to a different network once your Nokia is unlocked. But a network provider would lose money and so they ask for ridiculous prices for the code (if they sell it to you at all!)

If you call your network provider: 50 – 150 USD (may differ in your country)
If you buy it in the open market: 30 – 100 USD (may differ in your country)

If you don't have an unlock code yet, you can get it in eBay store

What cell phones are BB5?

Okay, for you fanatics, here is a detailed overview of all Nokia BB5 phones.

This list is constantly updated. Please send me a message if you’d like to add a model. 

Updated January, 2011:

  • Nokia 3109c Classic [RM-274]
  • Nokia 3110c Classic [RM-237]
  • Nokia 3250 [RM-38]
  • Nokia 5200 [RM-174]
  • Nokia 5200b [RM-181]
  • Nokia 5300 [RM-146]
  • Nokia 5300b [RM-147]
  • Nokia 5310
  • Nokia 5500 Sport [RM-86]
  • Nokia 5700 XpressMusic [RM-230]
  • Nokia 6110 Navigator [RM-122]
  • Nokia 6120c Classic [RM-243]
  • Nokia 6121c Classic [RM-308]
  • Nokia 6125 [RM-178]
  • Nokia 6126 [RM-126]
  • Nokia 6131 [RM-115]
  • Nokia 6131 NFC [RM-216V]
  • Nokia 6151 [RM-200]
  • Nokia 6233 [RM-123]
  • Nokia 6234 [RM-123]
  • Nokia 6270 [RM-56]
  • Nokia 6280 [RM-78]
  • Nokia 6288 [RM-268]
  • Nokia 6288 [RM-78]
  • Nokia 6290 [RM-176]
  • Nokia 6300 [RM-217]
  • Nokia 6300b [RM-222]
  • Nokia 6500 Classic []
  • Nokia 6500 Slide []
  • Nokia 6630 [RM-1]
  • Nokia 6630i [RM-109]
  • Nokia 6680 [RM-36]
  • Nokia 6681 [RM-57]
  • Nokia 6682 [RM-58]
  • Nokia 7370 [RM-70]
  • Nokia 7373 [RM-209]
  • Nokia 7390 [RM-140]
  • Nokia 7500 [RM-249]
  • Nokia 7500b [RM-250]
  • Nokia 8600d Luna [RM-164]
  • Nokia E50-1 [RM-170]
  • Nokia E50-2 [RM-171]
  • Nokia E60-1 [RM-49]
  • Nokia E61-1 [RM-89]
  • Nokia E61i-1 [RM-227]
  • Nokia E61i-2 [RM-294]
  • Nokia E62-1 [RM-88]
  • Nokia E62-1 [RM-88A]
  • Nokia E65 [RM-208]
  • Nokia E70-1 [RM-10]
  • Nokia E70-2 [RM-24]
  • Nokia E90 Communicator [RA-7]
  • Nokia E90-1 Communicator [RA-6]
  • Nokia N70-1 [RM-84]
  • Nokia N70-5 [RM-99]
  • Nokia N71-1 [RM-67]    
  • Nokia N71-5 [RM-112]
  • Nokia N72-5 [RM-180]    
  • Nokia N73-1 [RM-133]
  • Nokia N73-5 [RM-132]    
  • Nokia N75-3 [RM-128]
  • Nokia N76-1 [RM-135]    
  • Nokia N77-1 [RM-194]
  • Nokia N77-5 []    
  • Nokia N80-1 [RM-92]
  • Nokia N80-3 [RM-91]    
  • Nokia N81
  • Nokia N85
  • Nokia N90-1 [RM-42]
  • Nokia N91-1 [RM-43]    
  • Nokia N91-2 [RM-43]
  • Nokia N91-5 [RM-158]    
  • Nokia N91-6 [RM-158]
  • Nokia N92-1 [RM-100]    
  • Nokia N92-2 [RM-101]
  • Nokia N93-1 [RM-55]    
  • Nokia N93-5 [RM-153]
  • Nokia N93i-1 [RM-156]    
  • Nokia N93i-5 [RM-157]
  • Nokia N95-1 [RM-159]    
  • Nokia N95-5 [RM-245]
  • Nokia N95?-1 8GB []
  • Nokia N97


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