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How To Free Flash And Unlock BlackBerry

Flashing Unlocking Instructions Blackberry Indonesian for beginners
 to install and run software2 standard for Blackberry mobile phone repair needs.

The aims to be useful for the software still lay in recognizing proficiency level software for the Blackberry.Software2 required for Blackberry include:
1. Desktop Manager For Flashing / BB Update
2. MFI MultiLoader For Unlocking
3. Firmware2 requisite that must be installed and removed vendor.xml file its
4. JML Wipe Loader For BB & B Factory Setting
5. NET framework from Microsoft dotnetfx For Windows systems, so that they will be retrievable sw sw running smoothly.
6. Radio Lab Tool. For Cheque RF & Change IMEI / PIN BB
7. BB MCP (Master Control Program) to Application (*. COD) Bhs Indonesia BlackberryStep Installation Software Blackberry software are:
I. Install Desktop Manager
Program Install Desktop Manager and Media Manager, a Custom install. Do not automatic

“BlackBerry Automatic Update” Do not selected. And follow the instructions to complete.

II. Install Firmware mobile phones one by one according to type and version.
Firmware will be installed in C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Research In Motion \ Shared \ Loader Files

And the USB Driver BlackBerry stored in C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Research In Motion \ USB Drivers
When you have finished installing the firmware is needed, do not forget to delete the vendor.xml file located at C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Research In Motion \ AppLoader \ vendor.xml

III. Install MFI MultiLoader to Unlock Blackberry
Install the program MultiLoader MFI of 5.7 Mbyte file.
Copy Paste the available MML folder to C: \
MFI program can then be run from the Desktop. Do not plug the phone in the USB cable first.

Tick Tick Full Erase, and then plug the cable into the phone

So the process will run until Unlocking the HP screen will appear number 1.
that its mark has been successfully Unlock phone, and in a state of Cal Mode. next unplug, shut MFI. and the HP type START to exit the Cal Mode.
then mobile should be in flash with Desktop Manager to restore back the firmware that has been erased. Flashed with Desktop Manager or first way way way better. So the phone is back to normal and terunlock circumstances.

IV. Install JL_Cmder v1.9.1
Software to Erase Memory on a Blackberry Hang and can not enter into the menu. Method with type 4. Wipe
and to reset the factory settings type 5. Reset to Factory.
you must remember, the program is running Blackberry diconnect the cable without battery.

V. Radio Lab Tool to Convert Pin and IMEI
Radio Lab Tool Air Function to change the IMEI and PIN Blackberry already Blacklist / Suspend by Operator.

By way CAL Then click Connect à ID

IMEI and PIN can be Read, plainly fill IMEI and PIN and then click Write.
When finished later did flashing as usual.

VI. Software Software support

Install DotnetFX For all programs can run perfectly.
Install DotnetFX Among others, there are 3 versions were 2.0 3.0 and 3.5

Microsoft NET Framework is required by Windows to run the Blackberry software proficiency level.
Now we proceed with Flashing Blackberry using Desktop manager:
Step Flashing with Blackberry Desktop Manager Software
There are two ways to update the firmware with the Blackberry Desktop Manager Software (Flashing)
The first (default) By calling the Desktop Manager that is installed on the desktop.
The second (from DOS) By Calling Desktop Manager from DOS Mode.

Now let me first discuss the first.
Blackberry connect to your computer with a USB cable. New Hardware found when they appear. Find drivers in C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Research In Motion \ USB Drivers.
Then Run Desktop Manager from the Desktop on the computer

Click on Application Loader and it will appear like this

Select Update Software and then right click on Start, and will emerge from the Blackberry PIN USB already terconnect. Click OK.

Then the program would be to check the firmware stored in the hp, as well as firmware which is owned on a computer that stored in C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Research In Motion \ Shared \ Loader Files. REMEMBER Do not forget the previous delete vendor.xml file located at C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Research In Motion \ AppLoader.

after doing Checked, and when the phone’s firmware is already higher than a PC, it will appear as follows, so that the phone can not be updated, and if you like the flashing should be done two ways:

and an HP firmware versions, and the computer is a new version, it will appear as follows, click the Next button

then came the confirmation as shown below, click Finish, then CellPhone ready in flashing. At the start of the Erase, Flash and filling applications in need.

What if completed then be removed from the phone cord.

The second way, by default always appear No Software Update Required as follows, then the need flashing with the second from DOS Mode. Plug Usb Cable PC to phone without battery, causing the battery image omitted on the phone screen.

these are the steps:
Copy and Paste the following command:
CD \
CD resear ~ 1
click Start à Run Type CMD à à à OK In the DOS window then right click and Paste then Enter

and automatically Application Loader Wizard will appear as follows,

Click Next, came the USB connection from the phone attached PIN

then display a list of applications that if we want to be added to the phone, then click Next.

press the Next button again, appears Updating Your Device

and when got: Wait for device initialization, plug the battery into the phone, the program will detect and initiate HP

then the process will run until completion, module essential modules will be uploaded. phone flashed over.

Thanks To Mr.
 Muhammad Wali Khan


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