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Sony Xperia Complete Rooting and Flashing guide - Flashing Made Simple

So its time to have some fun flashing your phone.Rooting means getting acess to the Root of the Phone Rom.Once rooted you can install Custom Roms [Operating Systems],Remove Crappy apps, get better performance and Battery etc. Rooting your phone is Not Big job ,But a Bit lengthy at the first time..But you will end up in trouble if you dont know the actual procedure.That doesn't mean you will brick your phone.Android phones are based on Flash ROMs ,just like a memory card. So flashing a 100 or1000 times wont destroy it.It is completely Safe and there is nothing much to worry about .But make sure sure you have an un interrupted power supply if you are using a PC. So here i am taking effort to bring out a step by step description of the process.
Understanding what it is...
Many people still doesn't know what actually is rooting and a custom rom mean. The Process is to completely Remove your Current Phone OS and Install a Fresh copy of another OS. If you have installed a windows /Linux formatting your pc its easy to understand.Your device has a 440MB flash memory for OS and 420 Mb Internal memory for installing apps etc.When the phone comes to you not the entire memory of 420 Mb is available to u ,because sony has included some stock Bolt wares in ur OS.So rooting provides a larger internal memory as well .In your pc you might have come across the bootloader /boot menu .In your sony phone this boot-loader is Locked to prevent alterations. But android being an opensource stuff , it is required that the phone manufacturer should allow you to install Custom androids. So in order to access the Boot-loader u will have to unlock it first. After unlocking a recovery Mode is to be installed.That's what u call kernelling. After that , u will wipe the User memory 420mb ,Format[Done auto] & install the Zip file containing android os onto the 440Mb memory.The zip file contains the Customized android OS.Its called the rom .MiUi is one such rom.

Benefits: Lots of Customization , More features ,Better battery ,A faster OS,Latest Android versions.
Negatives: Voids warranty .

Why it voids warranty ?
Simply because Sony cant take up the responsibility if you destroy your phone hardware by your mistake. For example if u overclock [Possible only after rooting] the CPU there are chances that it smokes out.

Warning : Unlocking Boot loader voids Sony Service Center warranty.
Rooting involves 3 steps,
1-Unlocking Bootloader 
2-Installing a Custom Bootloader /Kernel/Recovery
3-Installing the Rom /Android OS.
Tools Required [Download all of them before starting ]
1.Sony Xperia Flashtool *[Optional]
3.android_winusb.inf Driver[Click to Download]
4.ROM & Kernel (Once downloaded , Copy the Rom File to the Micro SD[Important, if u don't wanna end up searching for a card reader  ] )
ROM-2 [Lasans's MiUi ] ( If u find any issues with the other one Try this Rom,Download only the Rom File )

*Actually you do not need the Complete Xperia flasher tool. you are only using the Fastboot from Xperia flasher. If u don't have time to download the Flash tool just download only the Fastboot tool and Drivers from HERE or Here .But its better to download Flash tool as u can perform some additional operations like Installing apks , Uninstalling features etc . using the tool.
Step 1 : Unlocking the Bootloader 

1. Unlocking the Bootloader requires the Unlock Code.You can get it from the sony website at the Following link .
Enter your Phone IMEI ,Email etc. and Get the unlock Code.While you enter the IMEI take care not to Include the last DIGIT of your IMEI.IMEI should be 14 digits long.

2. Now Install the SONY Xperia Flash tool from Here OR JUST UNZIP THE FASTBOOT.ZIP TO C:\

3. You will need fastboot on the computer to unlock the bootloader of the Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman . Fastboot is available in Xperia Flashtool folder in C:\Flashtool or where you have installed Flash tool OR IN C:\ WHERE U HAVE UNZIPPED IT TO.

4. Now Power off your Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman.

5. Press & hold the Volume Up button while connecting the Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman to the computer.The Notification LED will now glow in Blue color.This is called Fastboot Mode.
[ Press and Hold Vol Down key while connecting to USB will Boot in Flash Mode ]

6. If the drivers are not installed automatically ,go to the Drivers folder in Xperia flash tool folder and install the drivers.You can check if the drivers are properly installed by going to the windows device manager and see if there is any Unidentified device .If properly installed it will shown in device manager.If u find an entry "s1 boot fastboot " with Missing drivers in device manager ,Right Click there -> Update Driver ->Browse My computer ->Let me Pick -> Have Disk >> Then Point to the Downloaded "android_winusb.inf" file. >> Choose "Android Bootloader device".Now your drivers Should be installed.In the device manager You will find an Android device.

7. Go to Terminal or Command prompt in windows and change directory to "C:\Flashtool\x10flasher_lib" .You will find the fastboot.exe file there.
See the Image attached at Bottom of this page .
Enter following commands to navigate 
cd flashtool\x10flasher_lib or cd fastboot 
Now you are int the folder containing fastboot.exe

8. Now check if the phone is properly connceted and detected by Typing the following in the cmd .
fastboot -i 0x0fce getvar version .It must return the version of fastboot .Eg: .3

If it shows "Waiting for device" the device is not connected properly.If it returns anything else [ like .3 ] the device is detected .

9. Now type the Following and press ENTER
fastboot -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0xKEY
where KEY should be replaced by the Unlock key you generated from the Sonymobile website .

10. Once it display Flash operation complete , you are Done .Your phone Bootloader is no more locked.

PS:If you find any problems using this method you may follow one these links.

Step 2 : Installing the Kernel

Android is based on the Linux kernel.A kernel is actually a link between the OS and the hardware.It controls the hardware.So obviously it has got something to do with the performance & battery life. The kernels contain the RECOVERY MODE+ROOTING. You may read more about kernels on .So there are a number of kernels available for Sony live . You may find it in the rom download pages usually. 
Two of the popular kernels are
1. X-Kernel
2. Rage kernel
Download one of these kernels, a ROM file and flash your phone.
Here we are working with the Expeacers MiUi Rom.
1. Once you are done with Unlocking Rest is So easy .Do not disconnect the phone .We are going to use the phone in Fast boot mode. If u have disconnected ,don't worry ,just shut down [Or pullout & Re-insert the battery ]the device and Reconnect it to PC Holding the Vol+ key pressed.Now the notification led will turn Blue.You are back in fast boot mode.

2. Copy the Downloaded kernel img file into the folder where fast boot is located and rename it to "Boot.img" .

3. Now go to Command prompt , Navigate to the x10flasher_lib[As done before ] ,Enter the following command.
fastboot flash boot boot.img or 
if it doesn't do anything
fastboot -i 0xfce flash boot boot.img

4. Now you are done ."Flash operation complete " will be displayed. Disconnect your phone from PC.

Before you proceed to next step you should have copied the ROM[Zip file ] to your Memory card in the phone.
Step 3 : Installing the ROM 

This is the easiest part.Just turn on your phone ,after a few 5-10 seconds the notification led will glow .
At this time Press the vol+ key once. Phone will enter the Boot loader . Now you can see a number of option.Use the Vol+/- key to navigate ,Home key to select . Choose the wipe Cache ,Wipe Rom/factory Reset options[in some boot loaders ] .This is important as this will clean up all the previous user data and installed apps. Wipe actually cleans the internal memory and Cache. This is called clean install.
Now after cleaning up ,Choose the "Install Zip From SD Card" . Now follow the on screen instructions Rest is self explanatory. Once you finish installing the Rom Reboot the device. In most of the cases First time booting might be so long. All you have to do is be patient.If its taking longer than usual try pressing the Home key once.
So its time to Enjoy a new android... A yummy Ice cream Sandwich. Now you may try as many ROMs as u wish by simply following the step 3 only.
Happy Flashing... Enjoy ... 

Combined Unlocking and Burning kernel .[Click Me For Full size ]

Burning Kernel [Step 2 ]

Unlocking Bootloader [Step 1]

HTC Root, Unlock, Recovery and flashing a Custom ROM

Just a quick step by step tutorial to get a Custom ROM working on your HTC One or if you just want to unlock and root!

This guide is especially for the new users, experienced HTC users should already be familiar with this process.

Step 1: Unlock
  • Go on and create yourself an account on HTCDEV.
  • Download these adb/fastboot files
  • Make a new folder on your C:/ drive called fastboot for example.
  • Extract the zip downloaded in step 2 to the new folder
  • Go Here and select "All Other Supported Models" and "then begin unlock bootloader"
  • Yes, Tick both Boxes, Proceed
  • Skip up to step 8 as we have all we need for the first 7 steps
  • Power off your phone by holding the power button down for 10 seconds
  • Power your phone on by holding power and volume down
  • Highlight Fastboot With Volume+or- then press Power
  • Plug your phone into your PC and open a Command Prompt.
  • (windows XP - Click Start > Run > type CMD in box then press OK
  • (Windows 7 - Click Start > type CMD in search box then press Enter)
  • Change directory to your folder where we put fastboot files cd c:\fastboot
  • Type this into your command prompt window fastboot oem get_identifier_token
  • Select & copy the text as per step 9 on the HTCDev website
  • Paste your identifier token into the box at the bottom and submit
  • You Will Very Shortly Receive an email from HTCDev with a link to the second part of the instructions and your "Unlock_code.bin" attached
  • Download the "Unlock_code.bin" from the email and save it to the same folder that we extracted fastboot files to in step 2
  • Type this into your command prompt window fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
  • The Display Will change on your phone, press Vol + to accept and power to confirm.

Step 2: Recovery
  • Download the Android SDK (optional)
  • Download the recovery of your choice, here a few links:


    CWM 2

  • Place the Recovery file you downloaded where the fastboot.exe is (Either in the location of your downloaded fastboot drivers or in the Android SDK directory)
  • Now open the cmd and navigate to the folder where the Recovery File is located or just open a cmd with shift and right click at the correct directory
  • Now type:

    fastboot flash recovery name_of_the_recovery.img

    For example:

    fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-touch-

Now your recovery is installed

Step 3: Root

This step is only needed if you want a stock rooted ROM, if you want a custom ROM, skip this step.
  • Now root your phone with SuperSU by Chainfire or SuperUser by koush
  • Download SuperSU from this link or SuperUser from this link
  • Flash it with the Recovery:
  • Power off your device and then hold the VOL DOWN + Power to boot into the Bootloader
  • Navigate with VOL and Power to Recovery
  • Now flash the .zip:

    - install zip from sdcard
    - choose zip from sdcard
    - select the downloaded SuperSU/SuperUser zip file and flash it
    - Reboot now

Now you are able to flash any Custom ROM.

Step 4: Custom ROM

With htcdev unlock you need to flash the boot.img after every ROM installation

Note: Most of the custom ROMs have a script which lets the boot.img flash automatically with the ROM, so probably the steps after flashing the ROM are not needed.
If you are in a bootlop though, I recommend you to perform these steps and flash the boot.img with fastboot

  • Download the ROM you want to flash
  • Open the ROM zip with an archive manager and extract the boot.img out of it and place it in your fastboot directory
  • Copy the ROM to your sdcard
  • Now boot into bootloader again (explained above) and choose recovery with your volume keys and power button
  • In recovery wipe data and cache aka fullwipe before flashing your ROM if you are moving to a new base (for example from CyanogenMod to a Sense ROM, don't forget to backup your data files, like apps) (Often ROM chefs leave a note in their thread if a fullwipe is needed or not, just follow their advices)
  • Now flash your ROM by installing zip from sdcard
  • If this is finished, reboot and reboot into bootloader again
  • Connect your phone to your PC in fasboot mode (choose in bootloader with power button)
  • Open a cmd in your fastboot folder with your boot.img and type these two commands:

fastboot flash boot boot.img

fastboot erase cache

  • Then reboot your phone and wait some minutes to see your ROM booted
  • Enjoy

How to Flash the Huawei Ascend to Stock

HOWTO : Flash the Huawei Ascend to stock
by semyazza

These directions are for metroPCS the next post contains directions for Cricket

Fastboot Method
(Note:This method will work even if the phone will not start or go into recovery)

Download the Following Package:

678041208774eab0aed1005f287d71ab MetroStockRecover.7z

1)Attach phone to USB
2)Power Phone Off
3)Enter Fastboot (End Call + Volume Down - while phone turns on)
4)Run script relevant to your OS
5) Your phone will automatically reboot

WARNING: Only the linux version has been tested. All other versions should work though. DO NOT power off the phone during the process.

Nandroid Method
(Note:Working custom recovery is needed for this method)

Download the Following Package:
MetroPCS Stock Nandroid Backup (Phone Right Out of Box) (EDIT: This file is currently unavailable.)

663fab87380e87c8c158a2f5d0c4495e MetroPCSStock.7z

1) Place nandroid backup files into a directory on sdcard:
2) Boot into recovery (Send Call + Volume Up - while phone turns on)
3) Go to Backup/Restore.
4) Select Nand restore
5) Select mem=211M
6) Select folder named "stock"
7) Proceed with on screen instructions

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LG Hardware And Software Repairing

I see almost everyone in L9 forum is giving reference link to this flashing guide in their threads, but almost no one is mentioning any credit to this. They are just putting links. What do you all think, pals? Do I deserve a credit or not
Thanks to all developers and contributors: Bin4ry , adixtra ,unknown_world. I thank to all the users of this thread who gave feedback and reported issues time to time, which helped "us" to make this guide better and perfect.

First thing first, this is not my original work, I have just tried to consolidate all the scattered things together for SAFE and EASY flashing and rooting of L9 variants. Written this guide as many pals were having issues with OFFLINE KDZ FLASHING and help was scattered in many pages creating more confusion. 
Wow! After so much of followup with xda mods, finally we got Home (Sub-Forum) for LG L9 series. 

  2. Flashing KDZ removes Root and CWM, so you will need to root again.
  3. Flashing KDZ does not wipe your data, but if you get bootloops you need to hard-reset it, so please backup data first.
LG Update Tool works on all versions of windows (xp/w7/w8-32/64bit) for flashing any version of Android (GB/ICS/JB). If it does not work on your windows, something is missing on your system and if anyone here cannot help you then, you have find your own ways. Don't expect Spoon-feeding for everything.


This thread contains two "MAIN" separate parts. 
[GUIDE] FLASH L9 Factory ICS/JB ROM WITH OFFLINE FIX + UNBRICKWorks perfect on Win-XP/W7/W8 32bit/64bitUNBRICKS ALL SOFT-BRICKED L9 (P760/765/P768/P769) 



In first part of this Guide, we are creating a Local Web-Server for LG Support Tool and will try everything which will PREVENT the tool to connect to real LG server over internet. We have to create SMALL SERVER on our own system and redirect tool to this webpage.


0) Precautions
___A) Select "Debugging Mode" as ON (Ticked) in Phone Settings (Developer Section)
___B) Select "Install from Unknown Sources" as ON (Ticked) in Phone Settings (Security Section)
___C) Indian version of L9 does not come with "Lookout Security Antivirus" already installed. But KDZ from other countries may have it already installed, FORCE CLOSE AND UNINSTALL it from app manager. If you cannot uninstall, at leastDISABLE it. This program is known to be preventing connection and rooting of device.
___D) Remove all other USB devices (external hdd, backup drives, other phones, etc) and cables connected to PC to avoid issued due to voltage loss. (example)

1) Find NOTEPAD program from StartMenu of Windows and Right Click on it and run it with "Run as Administrator" option. Remember use "Run as Administrator" while opening, otherwise you will not be able to save it after changes. 

Now you need to open "HOSTS" file located in folder "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\" with following method. 

Click File Menu >>> Open File >>> Now copy-paste following in "Open File" Box. 

Please note the opened file name is only "hosts" and does not have file-extension like txt or anything.

When file is opened, add following lines at bottom of "hosts" file, a file with no extension like txt/doc/xls.

Now SAVE file and Close it. 

Content of Hosts file looks like this sample file. Close this file , because we may not need it after this point. 
AND RESTART PC NOW (check if lines are still there after Restart. They should be there.)

2INSTALLING SMALL SERVER: Download "" (attached below) and Extract the Zipped folder "shttps" in root ofC-drive of your computer. 
Now Right click on "C:\shttps\http.exe" file and "Run As Administrator" and in Windows Compatibility Mode with "WindowsXP SP3" (must for Win7/8) , a server status window will open "MINIMIZE IT BUT DONT CLOSE IT" and you will also see a SMALL SERVER icon in TASKBAR, like mentioned below.

If you don't see a GIRL, something is wrong. Start again.


3) Download (attached) and Extract "" and save the folder on desktop or any suitable place on your hard-disk.

4) Optional if "MSXML 4.0 SP3 Parser" is already installed before: Install it by finding and installing "msxml.msi" file in flash folder.

5A) Optional if "B2CAppClient" is already installed before: Internet Must be ON and Right-Click onB2CAppSetup.exe and Run As Administrator. If not installed before, it will download a setup file, will install it and open "LGMOBILE SUPPORT TOOL" box as shown below. Without doing anything just close this box because we will install latest LG Universal Android driver manually in next step.

5B) Optional if "LG USB Driver" is already installed before: Install latest "LG USB Driver (Download 3.8.1 here)" (Ver 3.7.2) Remember your Phone is not connected yet. 


6Never installed JellyBean before and with Locked Bootloader? Then Connect Phone in Software Upgrade Mode: Switch OFF the phone and Press VolumeUP button and insert USB cable into phone, Now phone should show SW Upgrade Mode. 

Let windows load any drivers, wait until it finishes. TWO ENTRIES SHOULD APPEAR IN DEVICE MANAGER IF DRIVERS ARE PROPERLY INSTALLED, LIKE THIS SCREENSHOT or this screenshot. (ignore detected entries in following screenshot, they will be different every time)

Post-JB issue: If you have installed JellyBean before, Phone may not go in "Software Upgrade Mode" or Flashing stops at 14% in 11th step. 
Then do this 
WORKAROUND: Keep the Phone POWERED ON with USB connected and on "LG Software" mode and do next step of flashing KDZ with Update tool and the phone will automatically go in software upgrade mode.
7) Execute "UpTestEX_mod2_marwin.exe" with "Run As Administrator" option and in Windows Compatibility Mode with "WindowsXP SP3" (must for Win7/8) >> and Select your KDZ file. Select "3GQCT" in Type of Flash and select "EMERGENCY" for PhoneMode. Ignore all other options and press "NORMAL WEB UPGRADE TEST" at bottom. This button is very light and hard to see at first attempt. 

IMPORTANT: Do not change names of the KDZ files from LG server or downloaded from my this and this page.(They should look like.... "V10G_00.kdz" or other version in same style.)

8) Now "Read Phone Information" box will open with blank information, Just press "Upgrade Start"

9) A small box at bottom-right side may appear like below, which you may "ignore" or "cancel"

10) Now "Select country and language" small box will open. Here select "Different Country" and "English" and press "OK".

11) Now actual flashing will start and PHONE UPDATE TOOL (shown below) will appear, and if your KDZ file is good flashing will end without any issue. 


When it finishes full flashing and phone will start rebooting. 

 Close all programs.

FLASHING ERROR AT THIS POINT? If you have installed JB before then your flashing may stop at 4% to 14%.This may be due JB rom already installed before or due to driver not completely installed for "SW Upgrade Mode".

WORKAROUND: Cancel flashing by exiting LG Update Tool. Phone should be still in SW Upgrade Mode, Remove USB Cable, wait 10 seconds, Insert USB cable again and let all drivers install for this mode. The device manager should look LIKE THIS SCREENSHOTSTART AGAIN FROM STEP 6 (Read about Post-JB Issue)

BOOTLOOPS? STUCK AT LG LOGO? : Dont worry!!! If you were on CM and flashed JB or vice versa or your data partition is not matching with new partitions, then your phone may get BOOTLOOPS on LG Logo.

HARD-RESET to solve it (Press VolDown, Home and Power all together) You will loose data, dont worry, before starting you took BACKUP and I am sure about it.  Phone should start normally. (Click for correct method of HARDRESET)

You're done!!! Phone is FLASHED!!!

12) Remove lines we added from HOSTS file mentioned above. Do it now!!! Dont complaint later that LG KDZ download links are not working. LOLZ 

IMP NOTE: This is also called OFFLINE FOTA and all your Phone Settings, DATA on internal card and external card and also the installed APPLICATIONS will remain as it is. Enjoy!!

TROUBLESHOOTING, IN CASE OF ANY ISSUES: Check following workarounds.
  1. Uninstall LG Driver, RESTART PC and then REINSTALL DRIVER before connecting phone to pc.
  2. Run B2CAppSetup.exe and let it download and install LG Support Tool. After it opens just close it because it will not be needed later.
  3. After Adding lines in HOSTS file, confirm if file is saved or not and then RESTART PC to see the added lines are there or not. This is to be done after first step is done.
  4. Sometimes the downloaded file could be corrupted too. Do fresh download when your internet connection is good.
  5. "Microsoft Security Essential" (Antivirus+Firewall) falsely recognizes "C:\shttps\http.exe" as virus (false alarm) and blocks it. Either allow it to execute or Get RID of this Antivirus.
....and try again with next procedure.

B) Root Rootable KDZ with OLD Bin4ry method.

Second Post (see below) ...
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